Visualizing The Largest Cities Throughout History

Visualizing The Largest Cities Throughout History For much of human history, most people did not live in cities. As Visual Capitalist’s Pallavi Rao details below, cities – settlements that are densely populated and self-administered – require many specific prerequisites to come into existence. The most crucial, especially for much of human history, is an abundance of


John L. Katchelman: Forever Wars

US helicopters leave Saigon and Kabul Guest post by John Katchelman, Jr. From the ruin of Churchill’s Gallipoli campaign comes these words from a soldier’s diary. “These English are very interesting. Either not very smart, or reckless: in a foreign land, in a shallow stream, they set up a breakfast table. Jams, tea, sugar, bisquits,


Feminism Is Incompatible With Americanism

It has promoted promiscuity and convinced women that careers are more important than motherhood, resulting in the trivialization of marriage, families, and parenthood, which in turn has led to more crime and the welfare state. … The post Feminism Is Incompatible With Americanism appeared first on The New American.


It’s Good To Be Mean to War Propagandists

Sydney Morning Herald editor Bevan Shields has published an article titled “We are not above criticism but these attacks go too far“, tearfully rending his garments over criticisms his paper’s three-part war-with-China propaganda series “Red Alert” has received from former Prime Minister Paul Keating and from ABC’s Media Watch. The whole article is Shields moaning about the way Keating raked Australian


Epidemic of Sudden Adult Deaths Finally Made News

STORY AT-A-GLANCE Former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd is bringing attention to the surge in deaths and disability that has occurred since the COVID-19 shot campaign rolled out Group life policyholders, who are typically healthier than the general population, experienced mortality spikes of 40% in 2021 Disability numbers among the workforce reached a high of