Pentagon: China Could Have 1,500 Nukes By 2035

Pentagon: China Could Have 1,500 Nukes By 2035 Authored by Dave DeCamp via, The Pentagon this week issued its annual report on China’s military power that claimed Beijing could nearly quadruple its nuclear stockpile by 2035, bringing it to 1,500 warheads. Current estimates put China’s nuclear stockpile at about 350, although the Pentagon claims the number has…


How Inflation Changes Culture

How Inflation Changes Culture Authored by Jeffrey Tucker via, The midterm elections are over (no Red Wave), but nothing has changed. In fact, the Biden regime will probably become even more emboldened to pursue destructive economic policies because it will interpret the lack of a Red Wave as some kind of mandate. Every day…


Tech and Ethics

Edward O. Wilson said, “The problem with society is that we have paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and godlike technology”. One of the guardrails against us destroying ourselves is ethics. But what happens when we live in an age that venerates intelligence and not wisdom? An age where people in government are now openly talking about…


Censoring science is anti-science

Censoring science is anti-science Politicians who support censorship of science are anti-science. Journalists who support censorship of science are anti-science. Scientists who support censorship of science are anti-science. — Jay Bhattacharya (@DrJBhattacharya) November 30, 2022 The post Censoring science is anti-science appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Catastrophic Jobs Numbers from ADP

The ADP job numbers are horrendous – 100,000 manufacturing jobs are lost. The only increase was in leisure and hospitality, which are usually second jobs. The numbers are awful.  Another 77,000 jobs were lost in business services, 34,000 in financial activities, and 25,000 in information services. There was nothing but bad news. Let’s hope Friday’s…


Elon Musk Says Twitter Interfered in the Election

Reuters reported that Yoel Roth, Twitter’s former head of trust and safety, said the company was “not safer” after the billionaire business magnate acquired the company last month. Roth, who interfered in the election, is worried about trust and safety. It was Roth’s first interview since his sudden resignation in November. Roth warned that the company no…