Why Hypersonic Weapons Change Everything

Why Hypersonic Weapons Change Everything Authored by Alex Krainer via TrendCompass, When it comes to all matters military, I have been following a handful of analysts among whom Croatian Admiral Davorin Domazet (retired) emerged as perhaps my favorite. He has deep and detailed command of technical matters (like Andreiy Martyanov he insists that you can’t


Julie Kelly: The Death Of Dissent

Julie Kelly: The Death Of Dissent Authored by Julie Kelly via AmGreatness.com, The lead prosecutor in charge of the January 6 investigation, the largest probe in Justice Department history, just confirmed what American Greatness has reported for months: the number of criminal cases related to the Capitol protest is expected to at least double before it’s all


Lucky and Good

A FLURRY of recent close calls finds us nervous. There were near misses on runways in New York, Boston, and Austin. A United Airlines jet plunged to within 800 feet of the ocean after takeoff from Maui. And so on. The billion-dollar question is, are these incidents symptoms of something gone rotten, or a spate