Oregon Rescinds All Article V Convention Applications

In a victory for the U.S. Constitution, Oregon has rescinded all its applications for an Article V Constitutional Convention, or Con-Con. On July 18, Governor Tina Kotek signed House Bill 2625 (H.B. 3625) into law. The bill had previously passed the House by a 33-16 vote, and the Senate by a 25-0 vote. H.B. 3625,


For Goodness’ Sake

Some years ago, in Australia, I appeared on a platform with a prominent intellectual, many times more famous than I. We were asked what it took to be good. The famous intellectual, who had had a brilliant career, answered that in order to be good, you had to be intelligent. When my turn came to


In Case You Missed It, “Worldcoin” Is Here

Editor’s Note: Last night I relearned something. Just because something is “big” news doesn’t mean everyone knows about it. In a group of highly intelligent and generally well-informed people, I was appalled to find out that none of them had even heard of Worldcoin. I’m posting the article below by Michael Snyder even though I covered


Watch: G7 Vs BRICS By GDP (1992-2028)

Watch: G7 Vs BRICS By GDP (1992-2028) Fifty years ago, the government finance heads from the UK, West Germany, France, and the U.S. met informally in the White House’s ground-floor library to discuss the international monetary situation at the time. This is the origin story of the G7. This initial group quickly expanded, adding Japan, Italy, and Canada,