35-Year-Old Multi-Year World Cup Medalist Dies Unexpectedly

Angel Fournier Rodriguez, Cuba’s most successful rower in history, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, March 16 in Texas where he had recently moved. He was 35. The news of his sudden passing was announced by World Rowing, which read, “World Rowing is saddened to hear of the passing of Cuban rower Angel Fournier Rodriguez.” “Fournier


Why China Needs Russia — Andrei Martyanov Explains

My friend and new colleague, Andrei Martyanov, is always worth reading, but his piece today regarding Russia and the Chinese Navy is must read and see. The United States is quite worried that China is going to provide Russia with weapons, but that misses the point. When it comes to advanced weaponry, Russia is the


Indictment will hand Trump 2024 on a silver platter

For seven years, former President Donald Trump’s opponents eagerly awaited the day Trump will be arrested and charged with a crime. Whether it was Russian collusion, two impeachments, the January 6th Select Committee, the Georgia investigation, or mismanagement of classified materials, since 2016, Democrats and Trump detractors have done everything they could to get Trump