Biden Admin Cancels $130 Million In “CollegeAmerica” Student Loans

Biden Admin Cancels $130 Million In “CollegeAmerica” Student Loans The Biden administration will cancel $130 million in federal student grants for roughly 7,400 borrowers who attended a now-defunct Colorado college, the Department of Education announced Tuesday. The cancellation applies to borrowers who attended CollegeAmerica locations between Jan. 1, 2006 and July 1, 2020, and will


The ‘Free Speech’ Scare

The ‘Free Speech’ Scare Authored by Jeffrey A. Tucker via the Brownstone Institute, It was a strange experience watching the House hearing in which Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was testifying. The topic was censorship and how and to what extent federal government agencies under two administrations muscled social media companies to take down posts, ban


Dylan Mulvaney is a college speaker

Campus Reform, Claire Caton Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney is adding a new line to his resume with speaking gigs at colleges and universities. Following the major Bud Light campaign failure, which resulted in the beer losing 30% of its sales and dropping from the ninth-most popular beer in America to the 14th, Mulvaney has come


WNBA Player Arrested, Faces 9 Battery Charges

WNBA player Riquna Williams who was part of the Las Vegas Aces championship team last year was arrested on several felony domestic violence charges. Authorities have reported the victim of the alleged domestic violence is William’s wife. According to court records, Williams faces five felony counts which include “multiple counts of domestic battery by strangulation,