National POW/MIA Recognition Day

National POW/MIA Recognition Day Today we recognize and honor those who, while fighting for our nation, were declared missing in action or prisoners of war. Thankful for their service and sacrifice today and everyday. — Glenn Jacobs (@GlennJacobsTN) September 16, 2022 The post National POW/MIA Recognition Day appeared first on Liberty Tree.


This Week in History: Sept 19-25, 2022

This Week in Historyby Dianne Hermann “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Ronald Reagan Sept 19-25, 2022 September 19 1778 – The Continental Congress passes the first budget of the U.S. 1928 – Mickey Mouse makes his screen debut as Steamboat Willie at New York City’s Colony Theater. Watch the primitive…


Some Pictures Are Indeed Worth a Thousand Words

Data can easily mislead, but they can also inform. Indeed, much social and economic reality cannot be adequately grasped without quantitative data that are thoughtfully classified, skillfully assembled, and carefully interpreted. And when data are displayed in the form of graphs, the information conveyed can be enormous. Such ‘pictures’ are indeed often worth a thousand…


Measuring the Spread of DEI

Reprinted from the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal A constant concern in my academic sub-field of comparative politics is how to create concepts and measurements that stand up to scrutiny when applied to several cases. When we hear someone claim that politics in Country X are “corrupt,” our first questions are “What do…