Republicans’ Fiscally Irresponsible Act

The political and financial class breathed a sigh of relief when Congress passed the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023. The bill suspends the debt ceiling for two years, thus avoiding the establishment’s nightmare of a government default on its debt. Rather, it allows the government to continue adding trillions of dollars of debt that will


Mike Pence Officially Jumps in 2024 Race

Former Vice President Mike Pence officially jumped into the 2024 presidential race. “Pence on Monday filed the required form with the Federal Election Commission to mount a bid for the Republican presidential nomination, capping months of speeches, visits to Iowa and interviews that fueled speculation of a 2024 run.” CBS News reported. Mike Pence showed


How Academic Debate Became a Propagandist Tool

Continually catering to leftist activists through debate transforms young, talented students into committed ideologues for the left. Share In a recent essay at The Free Press, James Fishback reports on the radical leftist bias that has taken over the judging of high school debates at the national level. Although he focuses on the developments of


Our Descent Into Clown World

Before the Woke Wars began in earnest, I once naïvely thought that men’s professional sports would remain a small redoubt from the insipid idiocy of “political correctness.”  Stadiums where rowdy fans cheer on strong men engaging in physical acts of confrontation — and sometimes bloody violence — seemed like sturdy cultural ramparts capable of keeping leftist