7/18/2023 Thrive Time Show with Clay Clark

7/18/2023 Thrive Time Show with Clay Clark Descriptions: FREE email alerts of the most important BANNED videos in the world Get FREE email alerts of the most important BANNED videos in the world that are usually blacklisted by YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Vimeo. Watch documentaries the techno-fascists don’t want you to know even exist.


Assange Exposes the Empire’s True Face

Julian Assange is a journalist who’s been imprisoned for doing journalism on war crimes, by an empire that claims to defend journalists and oppose war crimes. Assange and his persecution expose the giant plot holes in every story the western power structure tells about itself. About its love of free speech and the free press.


The Media Display Hostility Toward a Third Party

Polls show that voters are not thrilled at the prospect of a Trump vs. Biden rerun in the 2024 presidential election. That makes the idea of a fresh third-party candidate more interesting. One might think the media would enjoy a curveball, but there’s one big problem. Democrats think a third party ticket would sink Joe


Senate Republicans Despise Their Voters

Lisa Murkowski is the perfect mascot for Senate Republicans.  She is a Democrat in all but name, an aristocrat who inherited her office, and a beneficiary of rigged elections.  She has more in common with Nancy Pelosi than the average Republican voter, and every time Alaskan Republicans attempt to throw her out of office, Mitch McConnell’s minions


MTG Doesn’t Want the J6 Tapes Released

What happened to Marjorie Taylor Greene? She’s repeating Speaker McCarthy’s and Democrat’s talking points. Greene said releasing the tapes endangers the Capitol. Meanwhile, detailed plans of the Capitol are available online. Her other comment is another talking point. She said people who were at the Capitol could be targeted. That’s another red herring. MTG says


MTG is Sabotaging Trump

Last Updated on July 19, 2023 Laura Loomer and Stew Peters exposed Georiga Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s efforts to sabotage President Trump and the America First Movement. MTG has been using globalist lobbyist Isaiah Wartman to execute attacks against the America First Movement. Loomer tweeted a photo of the receipt showing that Mr. Wartman used