Biden’s Sending Energy Costs Even Higher

Biden’s Sending Energy Costs Even Higher  by David Reavill This Administration’s hard line against oil and gas is about to come to a crescendo, just in time for the coldest part of the year, winter. This President has made it a centerpiece of his term in office to oppose anything remotely associated with carbon-based energy…


The government CANNOT ‘forgive’ college loans

The government CANNOT ‘forgive’ college loans One more time…the government CANNOT “forgive” college loans. They can only transfer the responsibility for paying it into people who didn’t take out the loan. — Nick Freitas (@NickForVA) August 23, 2022 The post The government CANNOT ‘forgive’ college loans appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Documentary: ‘Uninformed Consent’

The documentary above, “Uninformed Consent,”1,2,3 takes a deep dive into the COVID-19 narrative — who’s controlling it and how fear was (and continues to be) used to push novel, unproven gene transfer technology onto, and into, people of all ages, and the simultaneous theft of private wealth and the destruction of small businesses, across the globe.…


Truth Social To Join Rumble Ad Platform

Tuesday morning, Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) announced that Truth Social will join Rumble’s ad platform as its first publisher. Truth Social has been a popular alternative to leftist controlled platforms like Twitter since its launch earlier this year. The press release reads: Today, the Trump Media & Technology Group (“TMTG”) announced an agreement…