WTI Holds Losses After Big Product Draws

WTI Holds Losses After Big Product Draws Oil prices have collapsed further this morning – after bouncing last night on API-reported product inventory drawdowns – as last night’s China macro data didn’t suggest a strong re-opening and Europe’s banking system joining the systemic crash freight train is not helping sentiment as oil stands alone for


What To Do About Deficits, Debt

Federal budget hawks are in a pickle. Having predicted nine out of the last zero debt crises, those of us worried about the trajectory of US government spending have the inevitable task of convincing the public that this time is different. It’s going to be a tough sell, but we have to try. Uncle Sam’s


What is China DOING there?

Around the same time the China weather balloon made its appearance over the U.S., mysterious, green lasers were spotted in the skies of Hawaii. First, government told us the lasers were part of a routine NASA exercise to measure the size of the earth. But then the story changed. And now, in this clip, Glenn