California Math Focuses on Equity, Social Justice, Protests

The California State Board of Education approved a new math framework on July 12, that focueses on Marxist indoctrination. Critics say the framework promotes teaching political activism to children instead of focusing on math skills and standards. “Teaching Toward Social Justice”: California’s new math framework aims to create “equitable outcomes” rather than tracking student performance.


HGTV Star Ty Pennington Rushed to ICU

HGTV Star Ty Pennington was rushed to the hospital earlier this week after a life-threatening health scare. The Star of Trading Spaces took to Instagram and wrote “From the red carpet to the ICU… this last week has been interesting!” He continued and said he “Woke up at 4 am and could barely breathe.” Pennington


I Owe my Economics to Robert Heinlein

This month marks 116 years since Robert A. Heinlein’s birth. Called the “Dean of Science Fiction,” Heinlein brought two major contributions to the genre. First, he stressed scientific accuracy. Second, he used his stories as vessels not just for astronomy and physics, but also for another brand of science that was taking off in the



NATO’s message to Ukrainian president Zelensky at its Vilnius summit was essentially, “you keep fighting and we’ll keep sending weapons. But no NATO Membership.” Zelensky was furious when this became clear and he lashed out. Slowly it is becoming obvious that the JEWISH GLOBALIST COMMUNIST SATANIC CABAL (including NATO and the US Military) means to


Oakland Eviction Moratorium Set To End Today

Oakland Eviction Moratorium Set To End Today Authored by Dylan Morgan via The Epoch Times, The Oakland City Council approved a proposal on April 18 that will end Oakland’s COVID-19 eviction moratorium on July 15. The moratorium was put in place in March 2020 and protected tenants from evictions due to COVID-related rent debt. With


Netanyahu Rushed to Hospital After Losing Consciousness

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was rushed to the hospital on Saturday after he lost consciousness. Netanyahu, 73, was reportedly complaining about chest pain before he was taken to a hospital. According to the Jerusalem Post, Netanyahu “lost consciousness” while at home in Caesarea, fell down, and hit his head. The Prime Minister is in