Larry Kudlow on Hollywood Strike “Who Cares?”

On Friday, Larry Kudlow spoke for millions during his opening commentary with his take on Hollywood going on strike….who  cares? Hollywood is going on strike. My first reaction is: Who cares? America is going to be the better for it. Ninety-five percent of their products are awful — bunch of left-wing drivel. They hate America.


The Battle for Business Autonomy

The marketplace can be thought of as a battlefield, with the primary objective to win over customers in order to safeguard and expand one’s market share. As such, it is no surprise that Sun Tzu’s The Art of War has long received attention from business strategists eager to capitalize on new opportunities and devise cunning


Two Excellent Roundtable Chats On Ukraine

I have had an interesting two days. Yesterday I was part of a Roundtable (please keep Gonzalo Lira in your prayers if you’re a believer) with Andrei Martyanov and Ray McGovern that was hosted by Polit Wera (a lovely Russian lady with a nationally popular podcast). Andrei’s mastery of English and Russian is remarkable —


The RAMZPAUL Show – Friday, July 14

The RAMZPAUL Show – Friday, July 14 Descriptions: This advertisement has been selected by the videos creator, ramzpaul. This advertisement has been selected by the BitChute platform. By purchasing and/or using the linked product you are helping to cover the costs of running BitChute. It is free for anyone to opt-out of receiving advertising via


Video: Neo-Con Mike Pence Defends Ukraine’s Anti-Christian Crackdown

Last Updated on July 14, 2023 Former Vice President and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Mike Pence defended Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainian government’s crackdown on Christianity during an interview with Tucker Carlson. Pence defended Ukraine’s crackdown on Christianity and parroted Ukrainian government claims that the churches and clergymen who’ve fallen victim to Volodymyr Zelensky’s pogroms


‘Infertility Virus’ to Sterilize Stray Cats

Female Cats Do Not Even Want to Mate After Getting Infected with this AMH-expressing Adenovirus. A fascinating scientific discovery could finally help us solve the problem of stray cats reproducing out of control. The custom adenovirus AAV9-fcMISv2 is designed to prevent stray cats from reproducing. The virus causes few symptoms and feels “just like a cold.” It makes female cats


Censorship by Another Name Is Still Dangerous

The progressive war on free expression hit a speed bump on July 4 when a federal judge prevented the Biden administration from communicating with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in its effort to police online content it deems misinformation. In a preliminary ruling regarding a case brought by Republican attorneys general from