Day “Off”

Hi friends. I know I’ve been behind on posting content lately and my show has been dormant for a week. Thankfully, this is due to great things coming, so please bear with me as we get it all situated. God Bless – jdr


Biden Kills the USA and the Banks

Why did three banks fail with so many still in danger? Biden did it. He spent wildly, destroying the foundation of our most lucrative energy sector and causing inflation. Inflation meant the Feds would try to slow it down or stop it. That led to the failure of investments in the bond market. By the


Here’s Your Sign

by Karen Kataline Comedian, Bill Engvall says it would help us if stupid people would wear a sign so we’d know not to take them seriously. His trademark line, “Here’s your sign,” helps us all to laugh at ourselves because everyone has asked more than one stupid question in their lives. What if it were


Global warming tops the hoax list

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. America is being bombarded by a series of hoaxes that are swallowed whole by a gullible public unaccustomed to critical thinking. One of the biggest attempts at disinformation ever perpetrated is this hoax: Man-made global warming is our number one threat. The global warming