Prepare Today, They Are Hiding Something (Ep. 2046)

For show notes, visit out our Clips channel for video highlights up to receive Dan’s daily newsletter at Summary:In this episode, I address the obvious signs that the government is hiding a serious threat from us. I also cover the disastrous FBI hearing on Capitol Hill. The Bongino Report brings you the


Chipotle Tests “Autocado” Robot To Streamline Guacamole Prep

Chipotle Tests “Autocado” Robot To Streamline Guacamole Prep From drive-thru to kitchens to automated kiosks, major restaurant chains are testing artificial intelligence and automation to streamline operations with one goal: eliminating unreliable low-wage and low-skilled workers.  Everyone’s favorite Chipotle Mexican Grill is the latest example of technology pouring into its kitchen. The company announced it was testing


‘Bidenomics’ Is a Marketing Term

Politics is sometimes little more than marketing. As evidence, behold the sudden use of the term “Bidenomics” by Democrats to describe administration policies of the past few years. Indeed, what’s being branded as “new” is nothing but the same old program of big spending, big regulations and big cronyism. The only difference is that it’s


’60s Denialism: Affirmative Action’s Last Ditch Defense

As with many semantic corruptions, the left started it.  They trivialized the term “denialism” by applying it not to the denial of a real tragedy, but to skepticism about an imagined climate doomsday.  I would like to rehabilitate the phrase a little bit, if I could, by applying it to the denial of an historic phenomenon as


Pakistan: Kidnapping, Forced Marriages, Forced Conversion

Imagine if you are a child from a persecuted religious minority living in one of the world’s most oppressive countries. The country’s majority culture and institutions are largely shaped by a religious ideology that has no regard for anything outside that system, as well as a record of mistreating women and girls. Sadly, the government


Robots for Elders: A Trojan Horse?

According to Our World in Data, in 2017, for the first time in history, the number of people older than 64 surpassed the number of children under 5 “Age tech,” from eldercare robots to surveillance devices, is the technocrats’ coveted answer to the problem of the growing number of people with disability and dementia This