China Export Growth Plunges Sparking Global Growth Fears

China Export Growth Plunges Sparking Global Growth Fears Ugly import/export data from China overnight paints an increasingly ominous picture about the global growth outlook. “The weakening external demand continues to impact China’s trade,” said Lyu Daliang, spokesman of the the General Administration of Customs. “The global economy’s recovery is lacking a driver. Global trade and


Gavin Newsom & the Gun Control Convention

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently made headlines with his latest attack on the Second Amendment. He’s proposed to add a 28th Amendment to the federal Constitution to embed gun control into the law of the land. And how he plans to do this raised plenty of eyebrows. We’ll tell you the details in this episode


Foreign Donors Are Influencing Elections Through 501(C)(4)S

Front Page Magazine and the David Horowitz Freedom Center have been following the impact of Hansjorg Wyss, a Swiss citizen and a leftist megadonor, on American politics for quite a while. Earlier this year we tracked his reach even to West Virginia. While foreigners can’t directly donate to candidates, they can donate to 501(c)(4)s and


Media Continue to Lie About Gene Therapy Jab

Since mRNA shots contain several novel technologies, they should be subject to more controls than conventional vaccines. Yet they aren’t. In fact, they’re not covered by any specific regulations mRNA COVID shots are gene therapy, but not regulated as such. By slapping a fraudulent “vaccine” label on gene therapies, they are being developed outside of