Peter Navarro: Who Does Tucker Think He Is?

Guest post by Peter Navarro at Substack Hi. I’m Peter Navarro, it is March 12, 2023. And here is some breaking news: Fox News show host Tucker Carlson has purportedly sent out a questionnaire on America’s Ukraine policy to a set of Republican presidential candidates. My immediate thought upon hearing this news was, to speak


India Takes A Leading Role In De-Dollarization

India Takes A Leading Role In De-Dollarization Authored by Andrew Korybko via The Automatic Earth blog, Reuters reported on Wednesday that “India’s Oil Deals With Russia Dent Decades-Old Dollar Dominance”, which informed their audience that the growing trend of those two using national or third-party currencies like the UAE’s is something significant for everyone to


DEVELOPING: FDIC Auction Underway for Silicon Valley Bank

FDIC auction was underway on Sunday for Silicon Valley Bank. The final bids are due on Sunday. “The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. kicked off an auction process late Saturday night for Silicon Valley Bank, with final bids due by Sunday afternoon, according to people familiar with the matter,” Bloomberg News reported. The ‘winner’ of the


Socialism Rising, With Bernie Sanders Leading the Charge

By Selwyn Duke “Libertarians and conservatives talk a lot about freedom,” writes Jacobin magazine, “but the most important kind of freedom is freedom from domination — and if you take that seriously, you should oppose capitalism.” This article, running Friday and titled “Socialism Is All About Expanding Freedom,” might hardly warrant mention, except that saw fit