Pentagon Blasts Putin’s Latest “Cavalier” Nuclear Threat

Pentagon Blasts Putin’s Latest “Cavalier” Nuclear Threat The Pentagon on Monday in a belated reaction to Russian President Putin’s Saturday announcement that Russia will be transferring nuclear-capable long missiles to Lukashenko’s Belarus slammed “cavalier” and “irresponsible” nuclear saber-rattling. The US is apparently taking issue with Putin leaving open a nuclear transfer option, seen in the…

amtrak-train-packed-with-243-passengers derails-in missouri

Amtrak Train Packed With 243 Passengers Derails In Missouri

Amtrak Train Packed With 243 Passengers Derails In Missouri An Amtrak train with 243 passengers derailed near Mendon, Missouri, on Monday, according to CNN. The train hit a dump truck at a public crossing around 1342 CT.  “There are approximately 243 passengers onboard with early reports of injuries,” company officials said. “Local authorities are currently assisting customers, and we…


School choice will be life-changing for Arizona kids

School choice will be life-changing for Arizona kids People claim to hate monopolies. If that’s true than everyone should cheer what Arizona lawmakers and Governor @DougDucey just did to introduce competition back into education. This will be life-changing for kids in their state. By me: — Hannah Cox (@HannahDCox) June 27, 2022 The post School…


Red flag laws violate the Fifth Amendment

Red flag laws violate the Fifth Amendment @RepThomasMassie is right. To read why we oppose Red Flag gun confiscation click here: — National Association for Gun Rights (@NatlGunRights) June 25, 2022 The post Red flag laws violate the Fifth Amendment appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Biden Tries to Dupe Parents

The Democrats have long been the party hostile to parental rights. They support laws that permit teen abortions without parental consent or even notification. They encourage children to pursue “gender-affirming care” behind their parents’ backs. They run candidates like Terry McAuliffe who say, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”…


Federal Appeals Court Halts FDA Ban on Juul

A federal appeals court halted the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) ban on the sale of Juul e-cigarettes. Joe Biden’s FDA on Thursday ordered Juul to stop selling e-cigarettes and four types of pods. Biden is waging war on the cigarette and e-cigarette industry for no reason. These are the same people who are handing out crack pipes to…


Why North Korea Wants Battlefield Nuclear Weapons

North Korea has long been rumored to be working on smaller nuclear weapons. These could be deployed on a battlefield alongside traditional conventional weapons, adding significantly more destructive power to traditional military formations. Given that North Korea is technologically far behind its rivals, this makes military sense. Such ‘tactical’ or battlefield nukes help level the…


Israel Could Fire Nuclear Weapons from Submarines

Does Israel really have submarines that can fire nuclear weapons? At the beginning of the year, Israel announced its plan to purchase three Dakar-class diesel-electric submarines for $3.4 billion dollars. Israeli media also reported that the cost of these submarines spiked in price during the negotiation process, likely due to the platform’s increased size and advanced capabilities. Rumors…