The Return Of Industrial Warfare

The Return Of Industrial Warfare Authored by Alex Vershinin via the Royal United Services Institute, Can the West still provide the arsenal of democracy? The war in Ukraine has proven that the age of industrial warfare is still here. The massive consumption of equipment, vehicles and ammunition requires a large-scale industrial base for resupply –…


Airlines Say Understaffed FAA “Crippling” East Coast Traffic

Airlines Say Understaffed FAA “Crippling” East Coast Traffic Last week, Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg warned airlines that they faced federal government action—presumably including fines—over mounting flight cancellations and delays. While pilot shortages won’t be quickly resolved, Buttigieg urged airlines to hire more customer service representatives to help customers rebook when things go wrong.   On Friday,…


The Marxist Dream Of Dethroning God Must Fail

Karl Marx once explained that his object in life is “to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.” Two weeks ago, Gallup published shocking results of a new poll showing rising Godlessness in America. Though the poll showed the majority of Americans still believe in a supreme being, the percentage of Americans without that belief has dropped…


Ukraine and the Russian Way of War Redux

The record of U.S. intelligence regarding the Russo-Ukrainian War has been abysmal. First, there are indications that we were surprised by Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” launch in February. And once the war began, the consensus was that the Russians would be able to execute a coup de main , the rapid seizure of Kyiv…


Donald Trump Live In Mendon IL

Donald Trump rally live in Mendon, Illinois. President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will hold a rally in Mendon, Illinois, on Saturday, June 25, 2022, at 7:00 PM CDT. Watch: The post Donald Trump Live In Mendon IL appeared first on