Review: Scott Atlas’s A Plague Upon Our House

When President Trump declared COVID-19 a national emergency, the US arguably faced the most significant public health crisis since the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. A fearful America remained glued to their TVs, hoping for answers on how to combat the virus. As months under pandemic measures passed, paralyzing anxiety became polarizing skepticism. Why were…


Biden Admin Dropping COVID-Testing Requirements For International Travel

Biden Admin Dropping COVID-Testing Requirements For International Travel The Biden administration has finally dropped a Covid-19 testing requirement for travelers entering the country, the White House announced on Friday. The rule, established during the Trump administration and later enhanced by Biden, required all inbound travelers – including US citizens – to show proof of negative…


UMich Sentiment Collapses To Record Low In June

UMich Sentiment Collapses To Record Low In June In a stunning miss, University of Michigan Sentiment collapsed in preliminary June data, crashing from 58.4 to 50.2 (massively below the 58.1 expectations). The current conditions gauge sank to a record-low 55.4 from 63.3, while a measure of expectations decreased to 46.8 from 55.2. Source: Bloomberg That…


WHO and WEF Globalists Coordinate Their Global ‘Reset’

Each year, the world’s elite hop into their private jets and descend upon Davos, Switzerland, the location of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual Davos Forum. Here, the self-proclaimed ruling class spend the week discussing their visions of the future and how to impose their ambitions on the rest of the world.1 As explained by…


Criminals love soft targets

Criminals love soft targets YAL legislator and Columbine Survivor, Patrick Neville, hits the nail on the head. Criminals love soft [email protected] — Young Americans for Liberty (@YALiberty) June 9, 2022 The post Criminals love soft targets appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Vladimir Putin Just Admitted Why He Invaded Ukraine

According to a report by The Kyiv Independent, a Ukrainian news outlet covering the Russian invasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted during a speech this week that his goal is to “acquire new territories.” The Russian president reportedly made the statement during an exhibition dedicated to Peter the Great, the Russian monarch from 1682 to…


Russian ‘Terminator’ BMPT Is Now Fighting in Ukraine

While Russia’s BMPT Terminator was designed as to serve a relatively unexplored role as an armored fighting vehicle specifically designed to support Russian tanks, its flashy name ultimately is what has brought it notoriety in the West. While it is difficult to assess its true combat performance today, external observers will likely learn much more…