The Demon in the Bureaucracy

by David Reavill There is a process, a set of circumstances that are so eerily similar that I’ve come to call this the work of a demon. It has that same malevolence and reeks the same harm as the demonic. Perhaps I’ve overstated my case; I’ll let you decide. When I realized that three large


Biden’s Endless Gifts To China

Biden’s Endless Gifts To China Authored by Robert Williams via The Gatestone Institute, The gifts the Biden Administration has already given the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in just two years have been nothing short of exorbitant — and often to the detriment of the US. They have included cancelling the China Initiative that was countering CCP espionage


Yes, Virginia, America Really Is A Good Country

Yes, Virginia, America Really Is A Good Country Authored by Charles Lipson via RealClear Wire, Every year at Christmastime, news sites reprint the touching letter from a little girl, Virginia O’Hanlon, asking about Santa Claus and the columnist’s reassuring, fatherly response. He doesn’t smack her with the hard fact that Santa is a fictional creation.


Eurozone PPI Dumps Into Deflation, PMIs Plunge

Eurozone PPI Dumps Into Deflation, PMIs Plunge Eurozone producer prices Source: Bloomberg Belgium, Greece, and Ireland have seen the largest PPI deflation YoY while Hungary, Solvakia, and Latvia remain in extreme inflationary regimes… Source: Bloomberg The biggest driver of the decline in PPI was a 5% MoM (13.3% YoY) decline in energy prices. However, core


July Fourth marred by violence across the nation

July Fourth was met with violence in several major cities, including Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Indianapolis, according to local news reports. Violence occurred throughout the nation this past weekend, with several people being shot and killed. In Washington, D.C., nine people were injured, including a 9-year-old early Wednesday morning, according to CNN. Additionally, 28


CIA Chief Burns’ Descent Into Delusion

Radio Sputnik called me first thing this morning and asked me to comment on the recent speech in Oxfordshire, England by the Director of the CIA, William Burns. I quickly scanned the news item and assumed it was a joke. I did a quick check to verify that this was a hoax or another clever