The Criminalization Of Dissent (Revisited)

The Criminalization Of Dissent (Revisited) Authored by CJ Hopkins via The Consent Factory, Greetings from Thoughtcriminal 231Js1736/23! That’s my official Thoughtcrime Case Number, which my attorney needs to reference in all our official correspondence with the New Normal Thoughtpolice. I think I’m going to silk-screen it on a T-shirt and wear it on my first


Female Astronauts On The Rise At NASA

Female Astronauts On The Rise At NASA NASA was an exclusively male workplace for a long time, but that is changing. As Statista’s Katharina Buchholz reports, the first all-female spacewalk at the International Space Station was carried out in 2019 and many other milestones have already been accomplished by female astronauts. But there has yet to


6/30/2023 BardsFM: Scott Kesterson

6/30/2023 BardsFM: Scott Kesterson Descriptions: FREE email alerts of the most important BANNED videos in the world Get FREE email alerts of the most important BANNED videos in the world that are usually blacklisted by YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Vimeo. Watch documentaries the techno-fascists don’t want you to know even exist. Join the free


Far-Left Politico: Democrats Should Primary Joe Biden

The left-wing media is starting to talk about Joe Biden’s dementia problem. Far-left Politico said Democrats should primary Joe Biden. “President Joe Biden needs a tuneup. He’s a stiff when speaking at the lectern. When not a stiff, the 80-year-old can be a dolt, saying, as he did this week, that Russian President Vladimir Putin


How Bidenomics Generates More Debt And Inflation

How Bidenomics Generates More Debt And Inflation Authored by Daniel Lacalle, Estimates of United States growth have improved but remain massively below the Federal Reserve projections. After the largest monetary and fiscal stimulus in recent years, growth remains well below trend and debt is significantly higher. It is interesting to hear Janet Yellen say that “trickle-down economics


The Spirit Of ’76: Libertarianism and American Renewal

“A nation which makes greatness its polestar can never be free,” warned Abraham Bishop, a friend and supporter of Thomas Jefferson. “Beneath national greatness sink individual greatness, honor, wealth, and freedom.” These words could have been written today. Pomposity masquerading as grandiosity has consumed American politics. The right venerates the power of the nation-state; the


Elegy From Rome

To the Eternal City for the saddest of occasions, the funeral of the mother of Taki, 17, and Maria, 15, two of my four grandchildren. Assia was of noble birth and met my son John Taki at the Rosey school in Switzerland, where they both studied skiing and other such useful pursuits. They had a