Meet the S-70 Okhotnik: Russia’s Stealth Drone

The Russian military is flying two prototype stealthy S-70 “hunter” drones expected to become operational by 2024, a significant and potentially concerning development for the Pentagon.  S-70: Explained The Okhotnik is not only stealthy but reported to be an armed strike drone as well, according to numerous reports including one from as far back as


The GOP Should Fear Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris has found her voice on a hot-button issue, and has managed to show her position without the infamous “word salad” she displayed for the previous two years. The post The GOP Should Fear Kamala Harris appeared first on 19FortyFive.


Watch: Memphis Thugs Loot Store

A convenience store in Memphis was pillaged and plundered by a gang of thugs over the weekend. Video surveillance shows a number of black young men storming the private business and taking as much loot as they could muster. Memphis is controlled by a George Soros-style district attorney who campaigned on bail reform. The criminals


Rickards: “This Is Actually Terrifying”

Rickards: “This Is Actually Terrifying” Authored by James Rickards via, The “coup” in Russia is over but there’s a very worrying development going on in Ukraine right now that should frighten everyone. That’s the growing risk of a nuclear war. I’m not being hyperbolic. Let’s break it all down… President Biden is accusing Russian


These Are The Top 10 Nations By GDP-Per-Capita

These Are The Top 10 Nations By GDP-Per-Capita There are many ways to measure different economies against one another, but comparing countries by GDP per capita remains one of the most tried-and-true methods. As Visual Capitalists’ Pallavi Rao details below, GDP per capita attempts to level the playing field by dividing a country’s economic output by its


Midtown Gets Paywall: Feds Approve NYC Congestion Toll

Midtown Gets Paywall: Feds Approve NYC Congestion Toll The US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration approved the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s congestion tax scheme to charge drivers entering New York City’s midtown Manhattan. The tax is the first of its kind in the nation, expected to fleece hardworking Americans between $9 and $23 per day