Celebrate Morgan Freeman history month

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. If you have an obsessive compulsive disorder, the object of therapy is usually to figure out a way to stop obsessing about whatever it is you’re obsessing about. Morgan Freeman made this point during a brilliant interview with the late Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes, many


11 EU States Set Up Nuclear Energy Alliance

Eleven European Union (EU) member states pledged at the end of February to “strengthen cooperation” on nuclear energy, which they claimed will help Europe reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia vowed “to support new projects” together with existing nuclear plants, based on


A Message To All Who Got the Vax

All ye who got the vax, you were deceived. All ye who got the vax, for you I grieve. You’ve damaged your blood and maybe your brain. The killers who gave you this stuff are insane. You fell for their propaganda campaign, All ye who got the clot-shot who got the Covid bioweapon who got


East Palestine’s “Containment Dam” Overflows

The makeshift dam designed to prevent toxic water contamination in East Palestine, Ohio following the toxic train derailment, has failed and overflowed. Mainstream media reports that “heavy rain” caused the water to overflow near East Palestine’s city park, causing more concern among residents. More East Palestine Residents Report Health Issues Following Toxic Chemical Spill Many


The 3 Wars of the Apocalypse

The sound of war drums is getting louder all over the globe.  In this article, I want to give you an update on the three major conflicts which will define World War III.  In the years ahead it is inevitable that smaller regional conflicts will erupt at various times, but for this piece I am going