Donald Trump Has Made a Fool of Himself

Leaked audio of former President Donald Trump discussing allegedly classified documents concerning plans to attack Iran appears to confirm the authenticity of a transcript found in the indictment. The post Donald Trump Has Made a Fool of Himself appeared first on 19FortyFive.


NBC: Kamala Harris Approval at Record Low

An NBC News survey about how the public views Vice President Kamala Harris should surprise no one who has heard her speak in public. Her approval numbers set a new record. From NBC News: The number of the day is … 32% That’s the share of registered voters in a new NBC News poll who


Has Russia Been Degraded Enough?

American interventionists undoubtedly finished the weekend in a deep depression over the fact that Russia did not devolve into a full-scale civil war. With Wagner Group’s leader Yevgeny Prigozhin’s decision to give up his short-lived plan to initiate such a war, the possibility of a deadly Russian civil war evaporated at the same time. Just


Gold’s Steady Migration From West to East

When the World Gold Council published its first Gold Demand Trends report 30 years ago, Asian demand made up 45% of the world’s total. Today, the Asian share of global gold demand is approaching 60%. Article cross-posted from Zero Hedge. China and India have driven this migration of gold East. The World Gold Council describes the