The Passion of Scott Adams

How do you imagine the woke beast? It is rough, surely, and slouches towards some unprofitable venue, so not Bethlehem. I think of it as something ravenous but episodic in its appetites, a sort of Polyphemus for hire. It gorges in a destructive frenzy and then retreats to some dank corner to belch and sleep and


East Palestine’s “Containment Dam” Overflows

The makeshift dam designed to prevent toxic water contamination in East Palestine, Ohio following the toxic train derailment, has failed and overflowed. Mainstream media reports that “heavy rain” caused the water to overflow near East Palestine’s city park, causing more concern among residents. More East Palestine Residents Report Health Issues Following Toxic Chemical Spill Many


Lew Rockwell: Scaring Us Into War

Brain-dead Biden and his gang of neocon controllers want to start nuclear war with both Russia and China. Suicidal, you say? Millions of people would be killed, but the Biden gang doesn’t care. They intend to exercise hegemony over what is left, with no challenges from the Super Powers they have destroyed. Of course, the


The More Important CPAC Poll: VP

The annual CPAC polls often give an unscientific yet telling view of the sentiment of the conservative movement in America. This year’s CPAC was very much geared toward President Donald Trump which is why it was no surprise he received around double the votes of everyone else combined. But the more interesting poll results came


A Tale Of Ten Cities

A Tale Of Ten Cities By Rabobank’s Benjamin Picton A Tale of Ten Cities The Daily is today, and on most Mondays from now on, coming to you from the Land Down Under, where it is currently the future (in a time-zone sense) – and that is appropriate given some of the themes in this


China Setback Looms As Growth Target Disappoints

China Setback Looms As Growth Target Disappoints By April Ma, Bloomberg Markets Live reporter and strategist Chinese markets may come under pressure again on concerns that authorities will withhold stimulus after unveiling a conservative economic growth target that is below many investors’ expectations. The consensus-lagging growth goal of around 5% for 2023, as Premier Li Keqiang outlined