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The LIE known as UKRAINE!!!

February 28th, 2023 LIVE!!! That’s right, there are a lot of lies being told out there and one of the biggest is known as Ukraine. This lie will be the cause of WW3, and is already destroying our great republic (of course sin is a larger destructive force). We’re going to shed some light on


SPAC Mania Ends In Bankruptcies And Fire Sales

SPAC Mania Ends In Bankruptcies And Fire Sales The Securities and Exchange Commission’s crackdown on SPACs, top investment banks scaling back activity in the space, and mounting macroeconomic headwinds have led to a continued freeze and the start of a possible de-SPAC bankruptcy wave.  The latest figures about the SPAC market collapse come from a recent note via Water Tower


Biden admin already imposed $318 billion in regulations

The Biden administration imposed 517 regulations costing $318 billion in its first two years, according to the American Action Forum. These new regulations were heavily concentrated in the Treasury Department, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services, though regulations were imposed by numerous agencies, according to the AAF. Biden has outpaced the first two years of