Mel K w/ Ryan Zink & John Pierce

Help Support J6 Defendant Ryan Zink We at want to thank all our amazing patriots pals for joining us on this journey, for your support of our work and for your faith in this biblical transition to greatness. We love what we do and are working hard to keep on top of everything to


Communities Block, Ban Dollar Stores Amid Nationwide Invasion

Communities Block, Ban Dollar Stores Amid Nationwide Invasion Recall Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar stores are invading low-income communities nationwide. At the start of 2022, all three discount retailers operated 34,000 US stores, more than Mcdonald’s, Starbucks, Target, and Walmart combined. Now there’s a wave of grassroots opposition in cities and towns blocking these chains


Will More Sanctions on China Also Backfire?

The United States has been on a collision course with China for more than two years thanks to Joe Biden. One symptom of the fraying relationship is the repeated threat by the U.S. to impose economic sanctions on China. It started in March 2021: The United States, the European Union, Britain and Canada imposed sanctions