Why Should You Be Bullish On Silver?

Why Should You Be Bullish On Silver? Via SchiffGold.com, There are reasons to be bullish on silver, not just because of its role as a monetary metal and inflation hedge, but also due to its importance as an industrial metal. Doug Casey recently talked about silver’s many uses and what it means for the future with International Man.…


Flatcoins: A More “Stable” Stablecoin?

As inflation hits fiat currencies, a new idea is emerging in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. “Flatcoins,” or stablecoins tied to the cost of living rather than fiat currencies, are currently being tested as an attempt to provide more price stability than fiat-pegged alternatives. Stablecoins, or cryptocurrencies mimicking the value of another currency like the dollar or…


Unholy Alliance — Faith Leaders Pushing Pharma Fraud

A key component of the campaign to entice people into taking these experimental bioweapons has been to enlist “trusted messengers,”3,4,5 from social media influencers and celebrities to medical doctors and faith leaders. Even former U.S. presidents preached the gospel of the COVID jabs, as seen in the video above. In it, they repeat the Big Lie…



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