Hunter Biden: What’s the real reason behind this trial?

Once the FBI admitted Hunter Biden’s laptop as evidence, thereby authenticating its contents, we all knew that he should be on trial for money laundering, for tax evasion regarding the millions he made from Burisma, for selling influence and government action, and for operating as an unregistered foreign agent in Ukraine and China. Instead, they…

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Milley, Pelosi panicking

This story broke: Newly released January 6 footage by House Republicans reveals then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressing responsibility for failing to prevent the event. In the footage, Pelosi is heard telling her Chief of Staff, Terri McCullough, “We have responsibility, Terri. We did not have any accountability for what was going on there, and we…

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Clash Between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics Could Be Resolved by New Mathematical Framework

One of the greatest challenges in modern physics involves reconciling apparent conflicts between general relativity and quantum mechanics, which are largely viewed as incompatible due to their differing concepts of space and time. However, innovative new research is finally suggesting that a resolution to these longstanding differences could be on the horizon, with the introduction…

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Media Tricks: Tesla’s Huge Recall? It’s a Software Update.

Tesla doesn’t advertise, which makes the company a prime target for misrepresentation by news media. Point in case – today’s histrionic AP headline about a recall. Today’s negative Tesla article was written by Tom Krisher in Michigan who has covered the automotive industry for 17 years. Tom’s headline wouldn’t be as eye-catching if it included…

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Corrupt Australian firm busted as intelligence front

Aussie intel cutout Omni Executive accused of leveraging ties to abusive units in Afghanistan to rake in massive contracts. The firm allegedly inked the no-bid deals while conducting warrantless domestic spying ops. A whistleblower complaint obtained by The Grayzone alleges industrial scale corruption by three former SAS operatives linked to a private firm, which operates…

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A Sham Case, and Everyone Knows It

Maureen Dowd in the New York Times in this morning’s op-ed about Donald Trump’s trial: Even though the case was a stretch and not the strongest one against Trump, there was something refreshing about the jury doing what no one else around Trump has been able to do — not the inexplicably sycophantish Republican lawmakers,…

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