COVID vaccines increase mortality

In the past forty-eight hours, new information has surfaced clearly showing that the COVID vaccines are dangerous and countereffective. This confirms previous information and deduction by many CNAV contributors and other sources. Furthermore, a watershed of apparent retribution is happening in at least one nation-state that had the most draconian vaccine-requirement regimes in the world.…

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Democrats Destroying Democracy To ‘Save Democracy’

The news broke in quick succession: New York’s district attorney, a Democrat, will attempt to jail Donald Trump in a trial starting next month; a Democratic Party judge ordered Trump and his affiliates to “disgorge” $450 million in a novel civil case brought by New York’s Democratic attorney general—and Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny died…

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70% of Largest U.S. Cities on Verge of Bankruptcy

70 percent of the largest cities in the United States did not have enough money to pay their bills in fiscal 2022. According to a Truth in Accounting analysis of the latest annual comprehensive financial reports, 53 out of 75 cities did not have enough money to pay all of their bills. TIA found that…

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Dr. Kory to Speak at International Crisis Summit 5

FLCCC Alliance Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Pierre Kory, will discuss the topic of ‘medical suppression‘ at the International Crisis Summit 5 at CPAC on February 23, 2024. Livestream: Download: ICS5 Agenda The post Dr. Kory to Speak at International Crisis Summit 5 appeared first on FLCCC Alliance. The post Dr. Kory to Speak at…

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Microbiologist/Tea Maker: “Star Anise! Antioxidant, Anti-Herpes, Anti-Inflammatory”

Microbiologist Plamena Dimitrov reveals the incredible health properties of Star Anise, a “star” ingredient that has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Plamena Dimitrov is a scientist and holds a master’s degree in microbiology, a second master’s degree in environmental biotechnology, and a PhD in microbiology and genetics from the University of…

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Naval Research Laboratory Leverages Exotic Properties of 2D Waveguides to Capture the Light of Dark Excitons

A milestone discovery of waveguides based on two-dimensional materials with “exotic” properties has been achieved, according to researchers with the United States Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). The breakthrough was achieved during studies involving hexagonal boron nitride, a two-dimensional material, by the U.S. Navy’s official corporate research lab while working with researchers from Kansas State University.…

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