J.J. Carrell

“I Wish We Could Talk About Something Good!” w/ JJ Carrell

The time for politically correct speech and the parsing of words is over. J.J. Carrell dives into the insider trading that has enabled both Republican and Democrat politicians to obtain immense wealth. Plus: America’s demographic shift reveals that a staggering 1 in 6 residents in America is foreign-born. Carrell continues to expose the NGOs that…

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E44S2: “The Nation in 60 Minutes” w/ JJ Carrell

JJ Carrell, retired Border Patrol Agent and co-host of “Unrestricted Invasion,” discusses what our nation is currently facing as we hurtle to the November Presidential Election. The shocking number of foreign student visas is playing an enormous role in the Hamas protests and in the destruction of college campuses across America. As our nation falls…

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