Naomi Wolf

“The Onion Scandal”

Can the lowly onion heal ear infections, ease tinnitus, and even ward off the chance of a cold turning into bronchitis, or worse? Categorically yes. For centuries, onion poultices – a steamed, mashed onion complete with its healthful skin – smashed into a pulp and folded, warm, into a towel or cloth, has been used…

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“Is Elite Occultism Real?”

There has been a lot of talk about the occult-seeming symbolism, music, art, and spectacle that is appearing all around us. Dr Wolf separates fact from speculation, but explores the real history of Nazi and Western elite occultism, and looks at four recent images that seem designed to disorient us: King Charles’ portrait, President Biden’s…

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“Bitter Melon: Another Suppressed Anti-Cancer Healer”

Bitter melon is a fruit that looks like a rough-sided cucumber. It has been valued for centuries in cultures as far-flung as China, India, Africa, and the Caribbean for its extraordinary powers to heal disease. In this episode, Dr Wolf exposes the fact that a dozen studies going back to 2019, confirm that the extract…

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“Three Top Liberty Stories This Week”

Dr Wolf analyzes the top freedom-related stories of the week. Are UN soldiers crossing our borders in disguise? Multiple states pass laws to ban non-citizen voting. And: What does it mean that AstraZeneca was withdrawn around the world? Please Support Our Sponsors The Wellness Company: Use code OUTSPOKEN for 10% off! Kirk Elliott Precious Metals…

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“Letter From Salem: Marxist America”

Municipal leaders are using housing policy and even food supply policy to introduce Marxist structures into American cities. Salem, MA provides some scary examples. Even as Marxism reinvents your local supermarket, Federal redefinitions of various ‘races’ – including ‘Asian American Pacific Islander’ and ‘BIPOC’ – seek to erase US history and resurrect the disgraced approach…

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1560 Geneva Bible: Exodus 22

Dr. Naomi Wolf reads and analyzes the 1560 Geneva Bible Exodus 22. Please Support Our Sponsors The Wellness Company: Use code OUTSPOKEN for 10% off! Kirk Elliott Precious Metals Amazon Store: The post 1560 Geneva Bible: Exodus 22 appeared first on DailyClout.

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“Futurist Clif High on the Meaning of Life”

Clif High is a futurist and programmer, who has made a reputation for eerily reliable predictions of future events. His methodology is a precursor to AI, which “crawls” the internet and identifies linguistic and grammatical structures in the “collective unconscious” of humanity as a whole. He then takes that data and analyzes it to see…

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