Tom Porter

Resistance to the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Is Rising

The World Health Organization is plotting in closed-door meetings to pass amendments to the International Health Regulations, changes that will strip nations of their ability to respond to public health emergencies and bring about “public health governors.” But with each passing day, resistance to these aspiring totalitarians builds. In this episode, we discuss the latest…

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Sheriffs Can Protect US From Deep State’s Next Move

As the chief law enforcement officers in their jurisdictions, sheriffs have the power and the duty to protect the rights of their constituents from any attacks including those from the Deep State and even the federal government, explains The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. Having…

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Incredibly the Israeli genocide in Gaza is now reaching new heights of violence. Casualty figures are not coming in, as the attacks are so bad that bodies cannot be recovered, medics cannot travel and there are almost no medical facilities operational now anyway. We now see that the Western injunctions not to attack Rafah were…

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