Pride Month Goeth Before a Fall

June is upon us and the rainbows are out full force—but could it be with a diminishing force? Unilaterally appropriated as “Pride Month,” the beginning of summer comes with the unfurling of the Rainbow Flag in neighborhoods, stores, and internet ads because anything less, at this point, would be branded as homophobic censorship. Get in


Why DeSantis Supporters Eventually Go Full “Liz Cheney”

It is difficult to ascertain just what made Florida Governor Ron DeSantis decide to run for president in 2024. Several theories have been posited. It could be that he became convinced he can take his Florida successes immediately onto the National stage, or that America is actually looking for a “fresh face” in Washington. On


Mystery Jet: Illegals Arrive in Sacramento

Diocese of Sacramento   California officials are looking into the origins of more than a dozen illegals who were ferried to Sacramento by private jet over the weekend.  The illegals were dropped off Saturday in front of the Diocese of Sacramento. The 16 illegals are said to be from Columbia and Venezuela and, after crossing



FacebookTwitterTelegramEmailShare One fact that is common to all modern military forces is that only a small percentage of the total number of soldiers are actually engaged in combat. At least that is the theory. The concept of “Tooth – to – Tail Ratio” is military-speak  to describe the amount of military personnel it takes to supply and


Decentralization and Bitcoin

From the late-1980s until the early 2000s, the Cypherpunks – a group of cryptographers, mathematicians, computer scientists and activists – worked to build what they referred to as a crypto-anarchist “Galt’s Gulch in cyberspace.” This virtual place would be one where individuals from around the world could communicate and engage in commerce, with property rights