Possible Outcomes Of The War In Ukraine

Possible Outcomes Of The War In Ukraine Via ‘Jim’s blog’, Both sides have been fighting in Ukraine using World War I tactics, and developments in the war have so far recapitulated World War I. Towards the end of World War I, the Germans, finally realizing they were going to lose the war of attrition, because


A Staggering Mind Control Program in Florida

The staggering ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion’ mind control program at the University of Florida; An entire bureaucracy; This is the future NOW; It has to be crushed The University of Florida. An entity in the State University System. Endowment: $2.4 billion. Annual budget: $6 billion. Students: 56,000. Staff: 14,800. Christopher F. Rufo exposes (see also here and here and here) the University


Control the Language and You Control the Masses

Since the inception of language, humans have understood that words have power. Immense power. At no time in human history does the phrase: “The pen is mightier than the sword” carry greater weight. That precise idiom is attributed to a 19th-century English author, but the sentiment is ancient. Hundreds of years before Jesus preached to


An Unapologetic Defense of the Crusades

Raymond Ibrahim’s book, ‘Defenders of the West,’ makes the case that the heroic actions of a few great crusaders saved the West from Muslim conquest. Share Fewer moments in history are as misunderstood and revised as the Crusades. This series of violent clashes between Christian and Muslim cultures spanning three continents and nearly a millennium


Nearly 10,000 Photos From Hunter Biden’s Laptop Published Online

Nearly 10,000 photos from first son Hunter Biden’s laptop are available to the public through a website that launched Thursday. (Article by Madeleine Hubbard republished from JustTheNews.com ) Former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler, the founder of the nonprofit research group Marco Polo, said his team took months to review thousands of photos dating