YouTube ‘Reverses Course’ on Election Misinformation Censorship

YouTube has reversed course on “election misinformation” on their platform.  Since December 2020, the Google subsidiary has thoroughly censored what they deemed “misinformation.” YouTube posted to the blog: We first instituted a provision of our elections misinformation policy focused on the integrity of past US Presidential elections in December 2020, once the states’ safe harbor date


Recession Alert: Record Number Of Americans Worse-Off Financially

Recession Alert: Record Number Of Americans Worse-Off Financially Authored by Peter Reagan via Birch Gold Group, Two years ago, we referenced various reports about Americans’ savings (consumer and retirement), reporting that they had dropped to the lowest point in years. Unfortunately, things haven’t improved much since then. We just discussed the state of consumer debt, and it isn’t


Monetary Conditions Index Is Working Against The Fed

Monetary Conditions Index Is Working Against The Fed Authored by Lance Roberts via, Could monetary conditions be supportive of the “soft landing” scenario? While the “recession” versus “no recession” debate rages, there is a precedent for a “soft landing” scenario. Such is where the economy slows substantially but avoids a deeper contraction. However, the problem with that is that it works against


Hunter Biden: Defender of the Second Amendment?

“I have often seen honest Tories foolishly defending knavish Tories; and untainted Whigs protecting corrupt Whigs, even in instances where they acted against the principles of all Whigs; and by that means depreciated Whiggism itself, and gave the stupid herd occasion to believe that they had no principles at all, but were only a factious


Authoritarianism Keeps Surging in Western ‘Free Democracies’

Today in tyranny we’ve got three stories on the rapidly increasing authoritarian abuses in western “free democracies”. Let’s dig in. 1. Grayzone reporter detained by British counter-terrorism police for doing journalism. The Grayzone’s Kit Klarenberg was detained by “six anonymous plainclothes counter-terror officers” who “grilled him for over five hours about his reporting” upon returning