Woman pleads guilty to mailing poison to Trump

A Canadian and French citizen pleaded guilty Wednesday to nine biological-weapon-related counts for sending then-President Donald Trump a ricin-laced threatening letter at the White House in Sept. 2020 and eight similar letters to Texas law enforcement officials, the Justice Department (DOJ) announced. Pascale Cecile Veronique Ferrier, 55, sent the letters from Canada before driving to…


China’s African Trade Takeover

China’s African Trade Takeover In 2000, China was the leading source of imports for only a few African countries: Sudan, Gambia, Benin and Djibouti. But as Statista’s Martin Armstrong shows in the infographic below, 20 years later the Asian superpower is now the top supplier of goods for over 30 nations on the continent. You…


Demonic Looking Statue Placed On NYC Courthouse

A new demonic-looking statue has been placed on top of a Manhattan Courthouse. The golden statue, named “NOW” ,stands at about 8ft and depicts a woman with horns wearing a lace collar. It was resurrected on top of the First Judicial Department of the State Supreme Court in an attempt to honor the late Supreme…


FDA Considering Annual Covid Vaccinations

Instead of admitting that novel genetic therapeutics against Covid ultimately failed to end the pandemic, the government is doubling down by attempting to make the shots a seasonal routine. … The post FDA Considering Annual Covid Vaccinations appeared first on The New American.


Out-Of-Control ‘Tip-flation’ Infuriates Consumers

Out-Of-Control ‘Tip-flation’ Infuriates Consumers In a post-Covid world, the emergence of digital kiosk systems has allowed businesses to offer consumers a new tipping option. These high-tech point-of-sales machines are popping up across all sorts of businesses, not just restaurants.  Consumers are finding more and more tip requests in unusual businesses, such as coffee, deli shops,…