The great American school bus boondoggle

Washington, D.C. could use another fiscal hawk like the late Sen. William Proxmire of Wisconsin. During his Senate career from 1957 to 1988, Proxmire instituted a regular Golden Fleece Award, with which he mocked “the biggest, most ridiculous or most ironic example of government spending.” Among his infamous recipients was the Department of Justice, receiving


The Collapse of Kamala Harris Is Nearly Complete

When she ran for the presidency in 2020, Kamala Harris was viewed by many party insiders as the next Barack Obama. Young, fresh, and belonging to a popular demographic set, the San Francisco prosecutor-turned-senators’ rise to the top of the Democratic Party’s pile of presidential candidates appeared unstoppable…that is, until the actual voting began. Facing


Glock 19: Is It Really Such a Great Gun?

If you’re into firearms, there’s zero chance you haven’t heard of Glock. They have an impressive history of doing basically one thing, and they do it very well. The Glock 19 has become one of the most iconic handguns not only in the gun community but also in video games and movies. It’s a 9mm


The HUGE Silver Lining to the Trump-DeSantis Feud

Regardless of the infighting between Trump and DeSantis, the important thing for conservatives is that the GOP is freeing itself of its liberal neocon element. Combating illegal immigration, protecting the preborn, stopping LGBT grooming, and other positions that were once considered extreme or reactionary are now the standard among Republican voters. … The post The


Just Say No to Statins

In the U.S. alone, 40 million adults take statin cholesterol-lowering medications in the mistaken belief that this will reduce their risk of heart disease.1 But lowering your cholesterol is not the panacea to heart health that you’ve been led to believe. On “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Dr. Aseem Malhotra, an interventional cardiologist consultant from the U.K.,


Happy Memorial Day 2023

Happy Memorial Day 2023! Let us always remember – in the words of Ronald Reagan – “Freedom isn’t free and America is the last stand on Earth.” Those words are more important today than any time in recent history. A Time for Choosing speech Oct 27, 1964 This amazing photo below was taken 103 years



[FROM LARRY JOHNSON — I am posting this for a friend, David L. He prefers to keep his identity a secret. However, he has something important and useful to share about Matt Taibbi.] I first became acquainted with Matt Taibbi when he came to Moscow in the late 1990s and was co-editor of a newspaper called The


Purging the Media

If you say something that brain-dead Biden and his gang of neocon controllers don’t want you to hear, you will find yourself canceled by the mainstream media. No matter how popular you were before, you will become a non-person. We all know this, but we need to grasp how pervasive this phenomenon is. Content that