Goldman Sachs Millionaire Bankrolling Virginia’s Democrats

This story originally was published by Real Clear Wire By Hayden Ludwig Real Clear Wire Call him Virginia’s George Soros or “Daddy Greenbucks,” the well-heeled financier funding dozens of Democrats ahead of the Commonwealth’s critical 2023 election, which will determine control of the General Assembly – and the future of Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s legislative agenda.  


Big Pharma’s Stranglehold on American Society Has Worsened

(Natural News)—Big Pharma’s stranglehold on American society has worsened, according to activist and film producer Leslie Manookian. She put forward this argument during an appearance on the “Health Ranger Report,” which also had film director and producer Kendall Nelson as a guest. The two are collaborating on the documentary movie “The Greater Good.” “[Big Pharma’s] stranglehold on our


U.S. Senator Bob Menendez Indicted

Democrat United States Senator Bob Menendez has been indicted on corruption charges. Senate Democrats will force Menendez to step down as Chairman of the foreign relations committee. Sources tell National File that the Biden Administration’s end game is to ram the Obama-Iran deal through the Senate. Menendez was one of the few Democrats who opposed