Luongo: No Truce With The Heartland

Luongo: No Truce With The Heartland Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog, All of us so-called geopolitical analysts owe a debt to Halford John Mackinder. His 1904 paper, “The Geographical Pivot of History” is the basis for nearly all strategic thinking in today’s policy rooms, think tanks, and military academies of the


Dr. Seuss, Philosopher Extraordinaire

In 1974, the Harvard philosopher Robert Nozick wrote one of the most influential books since WWII: Anarchy, State, and Utopia, in which he argued for a minimal state. He reasoned that when a government’s function expands beyond protecting individuals against force and fraud, it violates individual rights. This is a deep book, a book that


Kamala Harris Is Destroying Herself

Kamala Harris Tries to Break Out of Her Slump: In a business that builds you up and then tears you down, Vice President Kamala Harris is in “tear down” mode, and her supporters are struggling to pick up the pieces. Even the New York Times, a faithful Biden-Harris ally, has written an article questioning her


The War on Farmers & Food 

Farmers and ranchers in the United States and across the world are under assault. Globalists are targeting their efficient practices, their land, and their way of life. But this war goes beyond ag producers — it is a war on food, and thereby a war on you. In this episode of The New American TV, we


Mike Pence Will Never Be President

While the media is having a meltdown over Ron DeSantis’ campaign launch on Twitter and Trump is being Trump on Truth Social, Mike Pence sits quietly in the background with little to no attention. In an interview with Fox News earlier this month, Pence stated “the American people love competition and it’s a free country.