Could The US “Lose” Australia?

Could The US “Lose” Australia? By Russell Clark of the Capital Flows and Asset Markets substack Australia as a colony, and then after independence, operated as part of the British armed forces, sending substantial number of troops to World War I and II to fight in Europe. However during World War II, the collapse of


Out of Control: The Immigration Invasion

There’s a crisis on our southern border. Sensible Americans are deeply concerned about the massive surge of illegal immigrants. But this crisis didn’t spring out of nowhere — it’s been decades in the making. In 1988, the parent company of The New American magazine, The John Birch Society, produced a documentary called Out of Control:


Title 42 Ends — The Invasion Begins

America is about to become a very different place than it was yesterday. The end of Title 42 has been downplayed by the Biden-Harris regime. It has been lambasted by Republicans, but even most of them are not giving this existential threat the attention it deserves. The border crisis was already an absolute disaster before.