Never forget

Never forget Never forget. — Young Americans for Liberty (@YALiberty) February 23, 2023 The post Never forget appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Black Grievance Politics Is Destroying Civilization

Arguably, the greatest indictment of leftism is its preference for the vagrant and the criminal over the law-abiding citizen and victim. In politics, there are all kinds of disagreements about the role and scope of the state, but the one thing the state must do is protect the innocent. Without security, there is anarchy. And


Top 10: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace’s Worst GOP-Bashing Moments

Tuesday will mark six years since MSNBC launched its 4pm ET Deadline: White House hosted by Nicolle Wallace, who began her media career as a Republican communications operative. When Deadline debuted, Wallace touted how her past experience would help her confront self-serving spin of other politicos. “One of the things you have when you have


20 Big Box Retailers Closing Down Stores Right Now

Your favorite store may be gone before the year ends. Big-box retailers, grocery stores, apparel chains, home goods companies, and even some very big names like Burger King, GameStop, and Sephora are announcing mass store closings in 2023 due to a series of economic threats emerging everywhere all at once. Similarly, Kroger is not done


A Credit Crunch Is Inevitable

Federal Reserve data shows $98 billion of deposits left the banking system in the week after the Silicon Valley Bank collapse. Most of the money went to money-market funds, as the Bloomberg data shows that assets in this class rose by $121 billion in the same period. The data shows the challenges of the banking system in the


Jordan Neely Protest/Riot Turns Violent

The New York City subway protest/riot for criminal Jordan Neely turned violent. Angry activists blocked subway trains in Manhattan and started brawls, demanding the Marine who restrained him be prosecuted for murder – without knowing all the information. Marjorie Taylor-Green wrote on Twitter: The Marine who stepped in to protect others is a hero. The