Is Your Government Ready For Another Pandemic?

Is Your Government Ready For Another Pandemic? With polio now confirmed in New York City’s wastewater and monkeypox having spread around the world – albeit with mortality rates remaining low – it appears that disease outbreaks are happening faster and more frequently than before. While greater media attention has certainly heightened awareness, we’re also seeing the ripple effects…


3 Biblical Reasons Why Christians Should Judge

A Little Too Non-Judgmental? How often have you heard it said that “it’s not a Christian’s job to judge?” This widely accepted sentiment within American churches is one that is actually not as biblical as many would lead you to believe. It stems from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7 when Jesus said,…


Making Jim Crow Great Again

A private housing co-op just off the University of California, Berkeley campus has banned White visitors in common areas or without consent from other tenants. They seem to think that recreating Jim Crow is a good idea. The “Person of Color Theme House” is a housing co-op located near UC Berkeley that “aims to provide housing to low-income, first-generation,…


Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad Happy birthday to my dad, @RonPaul. Thanks for all you do in the fight for liberty. — Rand Paul (@RandPaul) August 20, 2022 The post Happy Birthday Dad appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Happy birthday Ron Paul

Happy birthday Ron Paul Happy birthday, @RonPaul! You are an inspiration to millions of people! Let the Revolution continue. — Young Americans for Liberty (@YALiberty) August 20, 2022 The post Happy birthday Ron Paul appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Who Is Behind the Trusted News Initiative?

This massive slip “can only mean that people are going elsewhere for their news,” Woodsworth said. And that probably had everything to do with the creation of TNI. They realized people didn’t trust mainstream media anymore and were looking elsewhere for the facts. This presented a serious problem, as they had no control over alternative…


Victor Davis Hanson ‘The Left Are the Revolutionaries’

Victor Davis Hanson joined Pete Hegseth on ‘Jessie Watters Primetime’ to discuss what is really behind the Left’s belligerent  behavior. Pete Hegseth: Tonight we got the right guy to break down where we are. Let’s bring in Victor Davis Hanson, the Senior Fellow at The Hoover Institute. Victor, we immediately thought of you as the…


The Suicide of the American Historical Association

A bizarre string of events is unfolding at the American Historical Association (AHA). Last week, AHA president James H. Sweet published a column in the organization’s magazine on the problem of “presentism” in academic historical writing. According to Sweet, an unsettling number of academic historians have allowed their political views in the present to shape…