Is This Why Pediatricians Push “Vaccines”?

In April 2023, I reported how primary care providers across the U.S. were bribed with incentive programs to coerce patients into getting the toxic COVID shot. Since there was no medical malpractice liability, doctors profited while patients risked their lives as participants in an unprecedented medical experiment, all while being lied to about the safety and


Green Projects Hit Iron Wall

Green Projects Hit Iron Wall Authored by James E. Hanley via RealClear Wire, Developers looking to build thousands of wind turbines off the Mid-Atlantic and New England coast are coming up against a force even more relentless than the Atlantic winds: the Iron Law of Megaprojects, offering a warning of the trouble ahead for green-energy projects.  The Iron Law, coined by Oxford Professor Bent


Utah Mayor Announces Campaign to Unseat Mitt Romney

A Utah mayor has announced he is running for Senate to unseat incumbent Sen. Mitt Romney. Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs announced his candidacy in a video posted to Twitter. In the video, Staggs pointed out that we currently have more IRS agents than border agents and that Americans face astronomically high gas prices as our


Disney’s reputation tanks after polarizing feud with DeSantis

Disney’s reputation has plummeted since the polarizing year-long feud with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis began, according to a poll published on Tuesday. The DeSantis-Disney feud over the company’s self-governing privileges began last year after the corporation accused the governor’s Parental Rights in Education bill of not being inclusive enough of the LBGTQ community. Disney’s reputation