NEW: Jeffrey ‘Zoomin’ Toobin Out at CNN

Jeffrey “Zoomin” Toobin is out at CNN. Recall, CNN legal analyst and writer Jeffrey Toobin was suspended by The New Yorker for exposing his penis during a Zoom call with his fellow magazine colleagues in October 2020. Toobin told Vice in a statement: “I made an embarrassingly stupid mistake, believing I was off-camera. I apologize…


We should fund students, not systems

We should fund students, not systems families should be able to take their children’s education dollars elsewhere regardless. education funding is meant for educating children, not for protecting a particular institution. we should fund students, not systems. — Corey A. DeAngelis (@DeAngelisCorey) August 11, 2022 The post We should fund students, not systems appeared first…


American Kleptocracy.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) commissioner Charles P. Rettig told Congress his agency wouldn’t increase audits on households earning less than $400,000 after being handed circa 87,000 more agents in the Orwellianly-monikered Inflation Reduction Act hurried through the U.S. Congress this weekend. Which means they absolutely will be doing that, if historical promises by agency heads in front of the lawmakers…


Ron Paul was right

Ron Paul was right Ron Paul was right. — Being Libertarian (@beinlibertarian) August 11, 2022 The post Ron Paul was right appeared first on Liberty Tree.


The next American civil war

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. The events this week, of the excessive and theatric use of force to go after a former President, created a surge of cries of the politicization of the FBI from the right.  In many respects, it backfired on the left, making many see President…