Editor’s Note: Studies like these are becoming more prevalent. It’s often challenging to sift through the ones that are important and the ones that don’t really say much that’s relevant. This one says a lot. It’s important to not that many doctors theorize the actual number of people with post-jab myocarditis is many times higher


Currency Wars Versus Gold Standards

(Schiff)—Russia and the Saudis are driving up oil and diesel prices. But these moves are likely to undermine the rouble more than they undermine the dollar, euro, and other major currencies. Therefore, higher energy prices will rebound on the Russians this winter: if they shiver in Germany, they will freeze in Russia. If the dollar


Horror on the US Border

Breitbart has a deeply concerning border story. Volunteers are doing clean-ups of the trash left by illegal aliens at the border, and some of the things they find will make you sick. Video obtained by Breitbart News of John Rourke’s Great American Cleanup on the southern border shows some of the trash left behind by