American Kleptocracy.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) commissioner Charles P. Rettig told Congress his agency wouldn’t increase audits on households earning less than $400,000 after being handed circa 87,000 more agents in the Orwellianly-monikered Inflation Reduction Act hurried through the U.S. Congress this weekend. Which means they absolutely will be doing that, if historical promises by agency heads in front of the lawmakers…


Ron Paul was right

Ron Paul was right Ron Paul was right. — Being Libertarian (@beinlibertarian) August 11, 2022 The post Ron Paul was right appeared first on Liberty Tree.


The next American civil war

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. The events this week, of the excessive and theatric use of force to go after a former President, created a surge of cries of the politicization of the FBI from the right.  In many respects, it backfired on the left, making many see President…


Bug Off and Let People Enjoy Their Food

As the Decade of Forgetting lurches on, our self-appointed elites now no longer seem to know about food. For example, a July 20, 2022 headline from the BBC asked “Could grasshoppers really replace beef?”  The correct answer — “No” — was of course not up for consideration. For years some environmentalists have insisted that people…


The DIE Revolution Will Transform Tenure

Reprinted from the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal There is much discussion in academia at present about the future of tenure. Critics of this protection from political or moral pressure against freedom of inquiry include both left-progressives, who see it as an illegitimate method to prevent the penalization of conservatives, and some on…


Maintenance Day

Apologies to all. We’re doing site maintenance today and will be posting again tonight. We’ve tried to do it at night and a little at a time throughout the week, which is why we haven’t posted as much as usual. Today, we’re just going to bite the bullet and get it down.