Pearl Harbor: Japan’s Fatal World War II Mistake

The Japanese Mounted a Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor That Hardened the American Will: Today, the United States is as divided as it has been at any point in our nation’s history since perhaps the Civil War. Yet, the situation was very different on December 8, 1941 – a day after the Japanese attack on


Impeachment Week

So much crime. So much fraud. It all blends in together, because it’s all the same Government Gangsters and the same criminal globalist cartel. Lots going on this week, on the heels of last week, when the House Oversight Committee described evidence of the Biden Crime Family receiving tens of millions of dollars in bribes from


How Covid Tyranny Destroys Society

The dark powers that control the world have used the fake Covid “pandemic” to isolate people from one another and destroy social bonds. This isolation isn’t accidental but is the aim of these powers, in order to weaken resistance to their efforts to cement their dominance. All this is in addition to the death and