Death by National Abortion & Climate Emergencies

The president’s hard-left base calls for him to declare a national health emergency for abortion and climate change. Yesterday, he issued an executive order on climate change, claiming it’s his responsibility. He promises it’s the first of many such orders. This isn’t constitutional. In the first mandate, he would violate a Supreme Court ruling. In…


Why No One Cares When Palestinians Kill Palestinians

“There needs to be a civilian trial following international standards, not just a smokescreen to protect those higher up. It is essential that the individuals who gave orders to arrest Nizar Banat for no lawful reason, and who oversaw the assault, are also held to account. The Palestinian Authority must immediately transfer this case to…


Is the Fed Finally Serious About Inflation?

Until recently, the Federal Reserve wasn’t taking inflation seriously. Fed officials claimed to be serious about inflation. Fed Chair Jerome Powell said that price stability was essential and the Fed would do everything it could to restore it. Their actions, however, showed that Fed officials were not serious about solving this problem. At their June…


Global Coal-Fired Electricity Generation Surges To Record High

Global Coal-Fired Electricity Generation Surges To Record High By John Kemp, senior market analyst Global coal-fired electricity generators are producing more power than ever before in response to booming electricity demand after the pandemic and the surging price of gas following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The world’s coal-fired generators produced a record 10,244 terawatt-hours (TWh)…


The Danger Of Drought In Europe

The Danger Of Drought In Europe Between 2018 and 2020, Europe battled one of the worst droughts since 2003, with over 600,000 square kilometers of land area registering a soil moisture deficit according to calculations by the European Environment Agency (EEA). While a lack of moisture in soil doesn’t necessarily cause droughts, a sufficient moisture level…


Advertising Business Linked to Deaths and Greenwashing

Advertising agencies wield great power over public opinion, and prosecutors are increasingly starting to look at PR firms’ role in cases where corporations are accused of serious malfeasance or fraud. For example, recently reported that:1 “Hundreds of new greenwashing-related court cases have increased the pressure on PR and advertising agencies, as prosecutors begin to…


What Democrats really want is to disarm citizens

What Democrats really want is to disarm citizens Democrats say they want to ban “weapons of war” but what they really want is to disarm citizens. — Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) July 20, 2022 The post What Democrats really want is to disarm citizens appeared first on Liberty Tree.