California’s Energy War On The Poor

California’s Energy War On The Poor Authored by Robert Bryce via, California continues to implement policies on energy, housing, and transportation that are anti-poor and anti-working class… A few years ago, author and demographer Joel Kotkin declared that “California is a great state in which to be rich.” Of course, it’s good to be…


Our government sends another $1.7 billion to Ukraine

Our government sends another $1.7 billion to Ukraine BREAKING: The government sends ANOTHER $1.7 BILLION to Ukraine. When does it end? — Young Americans for Liberty (@YALiberty) July 12, 2022 The post Our government sends another $1.7 billion to Ukraine appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Could ISIS Make A Comeback?

On Tuesday, the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) announced ISIS leader Maher al-Agal was killed in a drone strike in Syria. Responsible for overseeing the functioning of the terror organization abroad, al-Agal was a critical target for anti-ISIS forces. In the strike, another ISIS official was gravely injured.  So far in 2022, the U.S. captured senior…


Joe Biden Doubles Down on Afghanistan Betrayal

As the United States nears the first anniversary of its chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Biden administration’s malevolence toward Afghans remains on full display. Excuses run deep, but each is empty. The State Department, for example, blames COVID-19 for the failure to process tens of thousands of special immigration visas, but there was no reason…