Ecuador’s President Dissolves Parliament to Avoid Impeachment

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News QUITO ( Worthy News ) – In an unprecedented move, Ecuador’s embattled President Guillermo Lasso disbanded the opposition-led legislature after it tried to oust him on embezzlement charges that he denies. The conservative leader invoked muerte cruzada (“mutual death”), a constitutional clause never before used, to


Joe Biden, Weird in Public

Joe Biden accidentally exposed his talking points for the G7 [because others do his thinking for him]. Having a president who can’t say the most basic things without a cheat sheet is weird to say the least. The first line tells him to thank his host Mr. Fumio in his hometown of Hiroshima. Everything he


Is Central Bank Digital Currency Unconstitutional?

The latest fad in monetary policy circles worldwide is CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency, a government-created cryptocurrency exchanged on a blockchain. Many fear that it would give governments complete control over individuals by allowing them to track, and even block, individual transactions and to impose taxes at will. In the United States, though, “money”


MTG’s Impeachment Video

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) team posted a video to her Twitter page Friday. It documents only a few of Biden’s impeachable crimes. She wrote, “Joe Biden is allowing our country to be INVADED, and it’s no accident. He is a direct threat to our national security and he must be impeached! Sign on to