Propaganda News for Monday

The propaganda news is active on Twitter as usual and we thought you might want to see the best tweets of the day so far (It’s only noon here). Adam Schiff, a proven liar, is now the go-to guy on the fake insurrection. This man lied FOR YEARS and said he had evidence Trump stole…


Forcing vaccines on kids is unethical and immoral

Forcing vaccines on kids is unethical and immoral This seems insane. The monomaniacal political push to do this is completely contrary to the minimal risks faced by children from the virus. And then there’s the unknown downside risks of this. Unethical and immoral. — Matt Kibbe (@mkibbe) June 19, 2022 The post Forcing vaccines…


Happy Juneteenth

Happy Juneteenth “The slaves of Galveston were the last group of slaves to learn of the end of slavery. Juneteenth is thus a day to be celebrated.” -Ron Paul #Juneteenth #Freedom #History — Young Americans for Liberty (@YALiberty) June 19, 2022 The post Happy Juneteenth appeared first on Liberty Tree.


Stupid Is as Stupid Does

There are reasons a’plenty how and why Republicans have earned the title “Stupid Party”. Their motto is similarly appropriate: “We never pass up an opportunity to pass  up an opportunity!” With the mid-terms rapidly approaching, elected, appointed, former and wanna-be Elephants have taken to print and air to add another merit badge to their collection…


Are Cryptoassets The Great Scam?

At the New York Times, Paul Krugman writes that cryptoassets are a “Great Scam,” with all cryptoassets worthless. He even suggests that blockchains are part of the hype.” I remember the housing bubble and the subprime crisis,” Krugman writes. “And if you ask me, it looks as if we’ve gone from the Big Short to…